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A big thank you to all our sponsors, partners and affiliates. We are looking forward to growing with you in the future.

We offer a turn key solution that enables clubs of all sizes to easily sell a premium range of teamwear and apparel to their players, members and supporters

In 2020 we launched a collaboration with KEHNOBI, a new premium sportswear brand. Our custom manufactured garments are designed with sports fans and players in mind, combining comfort, durability and modern styling. We focus on sustainable production and manufacturing, minimising our environmental impact. We also work with selected manufacturing partners to provide a range of headwear and accessories.

We are excited to announce that @ks_kitchensperth have come on board as a sponsor 🎉
‘We supply and install German Nobilia kitchens.

A new family run business that opened in march last year. Not the best of starts with Covid but going well now.

I Have been a joiner for the last 17 years and decided to open a kitchen showroom to offer the public high quality kitchens at affordable prices.

Having installed a lot of Nobilia kitchens over the years I knew this was the right supplier to choose when opening the business. - Steven ‘

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We are Sheep in Wolf's Clothing. A new brewery launching mid-July focusing on full impact beer but at 0.5% and 2.8%. No compromise on the craft or the flavours but with the ability to enjoy a full session. We long to build inclusive conversations and supportive communities. Come join us on our journey!

SiWC started out as a drunken conversation, this turned into a business plan, from this into a set of values, then into a team determined to crack making the best No/Lo beer you can find anywhere.  We threw the rulebook out the window and fully embraced cutting edge technologies and experimental yeasts, and we think it worked!  Don't just take our word for it though, we believe the beer should do the talking!

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing | SiWC

Social Media: @siwcbrewery

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Ruckovery was born in the summer of 2020. Created by a couple of former - frankly, past it! - rugby players struggling with the aches and pains of old injuries, previous surgeries, and Old Father Time.

Some of this pain registered as nothing more than the niggles picked up in the gym or out for a run. Some was chronic - joint and back pain - the result of years of collision and impact sustained over years of playing club and rep footy.

Having used over-the-counter and prescription painkillers, anti-inflammatories and a raft of alternative treatments, we felt there must be a better way - a more natural way - to not only ease the discomfort and pain, but help keep us active, aid our recovery, and maintain balance in body and mind.

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