Caley Clubs on the Ball

I confess to be impressed by the resilience of the clubs in the North Caledonian area who have come through Covid 19 and lived to tell the tale.

In particular the new clubs in Caley 3/4 North have demonstrated a laudable determination to launch their respective enterprises, this despite the circumstances, boding well for the futures of 2nd Caithness, 2nd Ellon, 2nd Highland, Taexali and Turriff. Good luck to them all. I shall endeavor to mention them all from time to time in my two columns per week in the Aberdeen Press and Journal, and the Evening Express.

Who would have thought that six weeks into the season that Dyce would be leading Caley 4 North, especially as they have had due to Covid been forced to play all their home games at Ellon. Again a big hand to president Phil Horsfall and his hard working committee who have over the last 10 years made it all happen at the Aberdeen club.

Again, I shall be happy to give them the oxygen of publicity, their efforts merit.

Indeed if any other club in the area wishes to raise issues, please feel free to contact me at I can’t promise you much more than the occasional mention, but there again if you have a story to tell, give me a shout.

I also have the ear of the editor of who has proved to be more than helpful in keeping Caledonian rugby in the public eye. David Barnes is one of the good guys in the game who genuinely believes the grass roots of the game are important.

In general terms I have been taken by the highly competitive nature of all the four North Caledonian leagues. The closeness of results telling their own tale.

But now the bad news, for despite my general happiness about the state of the game coming out of Covid, it pains me to have to report on the poor performances of Aberdeen Grammar who in four outings in the Premiership have yet to win a game.

In this highly competitive league, it is hard to see where they are going to get a win, but such is my faith in head coach Ali O’Connor that I believe he can turn it round.

One thing is for sure, we need a team from the area in the top amateur league in Scotland, but without cooperation from all clubs this is never going to be guaranteed.

In the meantime good luck to you all in all you do, not least to Stuart Corsar, the man behind the Big Rig, and so much more.

Stuart is another good guy who modestly hides his light under a bushel.

I look forward to hearing from clubs who value publicly, wishing like them to promote the game we all love.

Jack Nixon

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