Creating minimal risk for players and coaches.

The Scottish Government have eased restrictions as off the 29th of May 2020.

At Big Rig we take health and safety very seriously and have talked with other groups in other countries regards the best way forward.

Starting on the 3rd of May we will run one on one skill sessions.

-Any symptoms from coach or player the session will be cancelled.

-Only one player per session unless siblings.

- Players/ Parents are to fill out all paper work sent to them by email prior to session.

-Payments must be made by online transactions.

-Players are to bring their own water bottles and kit to wear.

- Player should bring antibacterial sanitizer to use during and after sessions.

-Big Rig Rugby will provide cones, balls and poles.  These will be cleaned pre and post session.

-Where possible player should wear a face mask. 

-Coach will wear a face mask if within 6-8ft of player or passing ball.

- No toilet facilities so please be aware of local supermarkets.

-If the player or any family member starts to have any symptoms within 14 days after our session please contact the coach as soon as possible.