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I’ve been a fully-certified Coach since 2002.

The one thing I wish I had more of was feed back on my sessions.

These online sessions are to help develop you as a coach.  Give you feed back on the areas you might want to develop but also what you are doing well and to have a general chat.

Please see below some coaching ideas that I find helpful, please feel free to use and adapt.

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"I believe coaching is all about trying to develop better people, not just players and its important to enjoy the whole experience"

ex All Blacks coach


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A coaching philosophy is important for every coach as it helps to keep to your behaviours and values when you receive pressure from playing environment and external influences.

Your coaching philosophy will change and adapt as you grow as a coach, the more you learn from others and about your self will affect this, it doesn't have to stay the same.

Big Rig Rugby philosophy is currently

"To deliver rugby in a safe environment where players and coaches can express themselves with out judgment. We want to create players and coaches who are a positive influence to their peers in the wider community`"

This has been evolved over several years as personal experience and research has changed our philosophy .  It will probably develop in the future as we grow as a team.

Think about why you coach and what is important to you?

How do you coach? 

Write down your strengths and weaknesses as a person and as a coach.  Be honest .

There is no wrong answers and no losers, we as people are always learning and growing.


Playing philosophy is different to your coaching philosophy.

The playing philosophy is how you want your team to play.

This can be affected by several different factors.

Do you have the players to play a quick expansive game if your squad consists of players with a low skill set and fitness?

Do the players want to get better?

What about your home pitch, is it narrow or wide, big in goal or short?

Don't follow the crowd, be who you are and challenge our self and the team.  Don't be scared to be unique and a trend setter rather than a follower. 

Creating the right environment for the team and club will mean the players will follow you and play for you.


The team culture stars with you as the coach.

Set the standard, realise that you can always learn and get better.

'As a coach I read coaching articles, shadow other coaches from rugby and other sports.

Going and attending other sports coaching clinics and doing my certificates in these sports as well.

Magpie little bits of information that I find can relate to how I coach or I find new games and exercises I can adapt to rugby.

I am always developing as a coach.

-Stuart Corsar , Big Rig Rugby Lead coach

If the players see that you are wanting to learn and develop as a coach they will want to develop as a player.

Make the club/team a place where people want to come as they feel safe to be themselves, enjoy the learning experience and become a better person.

All this can be developed on and off the pitch.

Have a clear vision and achievable goals for your team.


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